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Are you feeling like innovating through design? You’ve got an idea, a product to create… Our research office located to Luik offers you a comprehensive solution, from the first sketch to pre-production including competition analysis or technical plans and prototypes.

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Methodology :

From your idea or your specifications, we prepare a working schedule that matches your needs:

  • Specifications analysis
  • Definitions of needs and target public
  • Competition and tendency analysis
  • Validation of objectives
  • Basic or full « eco-design ». See “Eco-design” tab.
  • Formal and esthetic researches
  • Functional researches
  • Ergonomic analysis
  • Materials study
  • Study into how to optimize manufacturing costs
  • Volume analysis and transport optimization
  • Sketches or 3D creation of 2 to 3 pilot studies
  • Pilot study validation
  • Development of high quality visuals
  • Numerical simulation of the item or the assembly
  • Technical plans
  • Model (or prototype) developed in our own workshop, or quick prototyping by a specialized subcontractor
  • Model or prototype validation
  • Tender proposal for a prototype on a scale of 1:1 with definitive materials
  • Production follow-up of the prototype or the pilot production
  • Consultation meeting, possible corrections and validation.

Philosophy :

Our design office aims to distinguish itself with innovation and aesthetics.
Always in search for new materials or new manufacturing techniques, we are also developing eco-design and sustainable products. Our choice is to go green and to grow a sustainable economy. That’s also why we offer a comprehensive « eco-design » of your future product, based on the consumer’s expectations and the needs of sustainable development.

Studies prove that design is a real economic lever.
The cost of a designer may be feared by company managers, but the return on investment is clear: 1€ invested in design is a 2,25€ gain in the turnover. (Design Council Study, 2006)

One also observes that the growth rate of companies using design is, on a 5 year period, 22% higher than the one of its competitors (Danish Study “The economic effects of design”, 2003)


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