2017 May 2017, opening 1st « IDEASIGN » Show-room in Liège (Belgium).

2017 10 years of professional activity !

2017-2015-2013-2011-2009 Project accompaniment for the contest « Odyssée de l’objet » organized by Région Wallonne.

2015 Manager of HURBZ company.

2013 Registered with the Walloon region as a consultant in creative economy.

2012 « Studiodesign-jfp » changes its name for « IDEASIGN ».
Website published online with the name :

2012 Training and specialization in « Eco-Design ».

2009 Registered with AWEX (Agence Wallonne à l’Exportation) as an expert in design.

2008 Creation of « STUDIODESIGN-JFP » and online publishing with the same name.

2007 Self-employed worker status.

2006 Designer and infographic expert for the Arlogis Houses (Colmar, France, duration: 1year), as part of the Arlogis catalogue upgrade.

2005 Degree (cum laude) in Industrial Design at Institut Saint-Luc in Liège.

2000 Degree Secondary school (sciences) at Institut Saint Laurent in Marche-en-Famenne).


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